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Nerds Under the Rainbow


     This month, Nerd Nite Detroit will be contributing to metro Detroit’s LGBTQ* celebrations with a night filled with science and discussion.  We invite you to come out and hear some great speakers as they help us understand some of the issues, history, and biology of gender, sexual orientation, and LGBTQ* communities.

     Leading our scientific discussion will be Dr. Marc Breedlove from Michigan State University.  His project “Whom Do You Love: The Biology of Sexual Orientation” completed a successfulKickstarter campaign to fund a documentary to “explore the evidence that non-social factors, like the prenatal enviroment and hereditary factors, affect the likelihood that a person will grow up to be gay.”

     Our second talk will focus on the history of the Women’s Music movement from the 1970’s through the 1990’s, with an emphasis on the role women’s music played in challenging structures of domination and in creating visions of a more just world. It will be presented by Shea Howell, a community based activist in Detroit for the last 4 decades.  She is a co-founder of Detroit Summer, Boggs Center, and writes a weekly column for the Michigan citizen.

Alibi Crew will be on hand with tunes & Sidecar with food. See you then!





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