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Nerd Nite Gets Around


Join us on Thursday, July 16 at 6:30 for Nerd Nite Gets Around, an interactive Nerd Nite event featuring a bunch of short talks and Q&As on all things transportation in and around Detroit.

Michael Schrader, an experienced engineer and PhD student at Wayne State will explain to us what the heck is up with the “Michigan Left”; Sommer Woods, Director of External Relations at M1 Rail, will discuss the future of light rail in Detroit; Todd Scott, Executive Director of Detroit Greenways, will teach us about the benefits of a more walkable, ridable Detroit; and Adrianna Jordan of Freshwater Transit will speak about the possibility of bringing water taxis to the Detroit riverfront.

Drinks will be available from the wonderful Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom bar, with food provided by Sidecar Detroit!

Plan for it. Put it on your calendars, or in your phones/other smart devices (how about FitBit’s huge IPO everyone!?!).


Date:   Thursday, July 16

Time:   6:30PM

Location: Tangent Gallery, 715 E. Milwaukee

Cost: $5 (cash or credit, in advance here or at the door)

Questions? E-mail or tweet @nerdnit313

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