Curious about the behind the scenes of Nerd Nite Detroit? Meet our city Bosses:



Nerd Nite 313 Co-Boss Liz Lamoste

Liz helped co-found Nerd Nite 313 back in 2013, and she’s excited for what’s to come in 2015!



Alfie in the D

Alfred (a.k.a. Alfie) graduated as a wolverine in Mechanical Engineering and now plays with natural gas full-time (don’t do this at home Nerds!). When he isn’t busy moving billions of BTUs around the state to keep you nice and toasty in the winter, he is on the hunt for craft breweries and adding to his arsenal of growlers. He has a phobia of missing out on Detroit.




Jenny is a preschool-teaching, video game-playing, adventure-seeking Detroit enthusiast. She loves books, concerts, pancakes, kayaking, pinball, and her fellow Detroit nerds.



Currently completing her MLIS with a Graduate Certificate in Public Library Services to Children and Young Adults, Elissa is new to the co-boss round table and brings with her a tremendous amount of excitement for engaging with the community and bringing nerds together to learn! Elissa enjoys British comedies, a good cup of chai, yoga, and everything purple.



Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.16.55 PM

Zach is communications professional who has a special passion for all things wonky (the more, the better!). He is particularly excited to help Nerd Nite Detroit expand its community on the basis of shared nerd-ery.



Alex is a supply chain professional by day and Detroit enthusiast by night.  In his free time he enjoys biking (in Detroit of course!), reading, yoga, and checking out Detroit’s newest bars/restaurants.