> Nerd Nite 313: Level Up!

Nerd Nite 313: Level Up!

nn313 - 1 nerds313nerds, Let’sa go! Nerd Nite is back for more and, trust us, you don’t want to miss out. For those of you who are new to the fold, Nerd Nite is a monthly social event where nerds of all disciplines talk about their passions while the audience drinks and learns along. Your mission objectives:
ROUND 1: Explore beyond the grickle grass , where the Truffula trees used to grow…
ROUND 2:  Evolve.  Locate medical facility and supplies.
ROUND 3:  Locked. Unlock rounds 1 & 2 to proceed.
Quest Unlocked. Come to Nerd Nite. Earn an achievement.
Day: Thursday, April 25
Time: Doors 6:15 w/ advance ticket, start selling day-of at 6:30, event at 7 
LocationTangent Gallery, 715 E. Milwaukee Detroit, MI 48202 
Cover: $5 – Buy Online or at the door (cash/credit)
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nn313 - charlie

Dr. Seuss, MBA, Charlie Curve

You can learn a helluva lot more from studying Star Bellied Sneetches, Brown Barbaloots and South-Going Zax from the Prairie of Pax instead of studying how to recontextualize and reintermediate paradigm shifting synergistic architectures in a traditional business school program. Also, the Seuss books have much better infographics.

Charlie Curve opened the doors at Curve Detroit Marketing Strategy & Creative Design after being thrown out of several well respected ad agencies. Along with a bunch of cool friends, he produces the annual TEDxDetroit conference and runs a professional network for area business peeps called Motor City Connect. He loves big ideas, big mountains and big sandwiches. He hates poorly designed billboards, speed limits and people who flick cigarette butts out the window. Charlie craves bacon and chocolate, but not chocolate covered bacon. Last year, he was named the second best PowerPoint Karaoke presenter in the world. This year, he hopes to win something that people have actually heard of.

nn313 - helen

“So, you have the pelvis of a hominin…”: What human birth was long ago, what it is now, and how it might be in the future., Helen Stockton

When humans evolved a lot changed for us. Our pelvises changed as we learned to walk up right. Eventually the size of our heads changed too. This had a tremendous impact on the way we give birth. It was not long before we realized that giving birth went better with a little help from a friend. The practices and people that helped us give birth remained largely the same for over a million of years, but then over the last hundred and fifty years or so they began to change  drastically. What happened to our bodies, our society, and our beliefs that caused us to take birth out of the hands of mothers and midwives in the home, and bring it into the world of doctors and hospitals? This talk will cover the basic mechanics and physiology of human birth, and tell the story of how birth left the home and entered the hospital while also asking the question, “Is there anything we can  learn from the past that would help us provide the best birth outcomes today?”

Helen Stockton is a Certified Professional Midwife specializing in homebirth and natural pregnancy care.  She cares for woman and babies with patience, cooperation and respect.

nn313 - pj

ROUND 3, Locked.

Unlock round 3 Thursday, April 25th at the Tangent Gallery. Level up!

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