> Back to School Special

Back to School Special

Back to SchoolWhere:  Tangent Gallery

When:  This Thursday (Sept 25th)

Cost:  $5

Nerd Nite Detroit is back for the fall with our Back to School Special! We have a PHENOMENAL lineup..you don’t want to miss this!

Bill Warters, a communications professor at Wayne State University, will give the talk Working With and Learning from Conflict: Tales from the Field.  We’ll review some key concepts related to conflict, community building, and the development of local cultures of dispute resolution.

John Zawiskie, the Curator of Earth and Life Sciences at Cranbrook Institute of Science and an Adjunct Instructor of Geology at Wayne State University will be guiding an exploration of the major types of meteorites, what they tell us about the early history and origin of the solar system, and some effects of asteroid impacts on the Earth. 

Meghan Courtney is the AFSCME Archivist at Wayne State’s Walter P. Reuther Library. She’ll be talking Labor in Detroit: From The Battle of the Overpass to Bankruptcy.  Detroit has always been a working-class town, but it became a seat of the labor movement during the height of U. S. auto manufacturing. Like the rest of the country, Detroit has seen jobs shift away from manufacturing and toward service work. This talk will show the path from the heady days of sit-down strikes to labor’s place in the largest municipal bankruptcy case and beyond.

Also, we will be collecting school supplies to donate to local schools in Detroit. Bring some pencils, crayons, or other things to help kids learn.



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