> Spooks and Kooks!

Spooks and Kooks!


The nerds are alive and are gathering for 2013’s smartest Halloween after party! Don your costumes one more time on Wednesday, November 6 at Tangent Gallery. Tickets are available in advance and at the door. Eat, drink, and be scary.

Special guest emcee:

SRImageScott “Spook” Drebus

Scott is a professional speaker and performer specializing in delivering educational business keynotes as well as entertaining presentations. He also happens to be an expert on ghosts, metaphysics, and the paranormal. As our special spectral guest emcee, not only will he be our ghost host for the evening, he promises to entertain and mystify with unique spooky magic and haunted illusions.




Here’s a sneak peek of our spooks and kooks (and just you wait, there’s more magic to come):

Maggie McGuire, Decoding the Dead: A Zombie’s Guide to Postmodern Analysis



What connects flesh-eating zombies, academic theory and those creepy drawings your little brother drew when you were young? Postmodernism! In this talk, we’ll talk about the evolving meaning of zombies on film and, on the way, clarify just what postmodernism is and how it can help you can justify watching trashy horror films for the rest of your life.





Stage Frights: Blood-Soaked Special Effects for the StageNotLD

Ever wondered how your favorite gruesome stage shows get their gore? Join Jen and Ted Hansen as they discuss and demonstrate some of their favorite techniques for gunshots, zombie bites, chainsaw hits, fake guts and more.


Tyrell J. Simkins, The Neuroscience of Fear: Where, Why, and Why Do We Love It?Scared Homer Brain

Where does fear come from?  Why are we programmed to fear certain things?  Why do most of us crave a good scare once in a while? These topics will be explored through the lens of modern neuroscience to try and understand not only where we are, but where we have been.


Detroit Fire collective


Jadey bug is a local fire dancer. Her passion for the art of fire has lead her down an exciting road filled with community and rich with experience.  In this discussion Jadey will introduce you to the unique world of fire dancing! During our talk she will get into how props are made and used, the community, live fire demonstrations, and fire safety! At the end she will finish with a beautiful performance capturing the art in fire dancing!

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