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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Nerds


     Join Nerd Nite Detroit for an evening of space, time, and a bit of Dr. Who! We encourage our Whovian nerds to dress their Dr. Who best and we’ll have a portable planetarium on site courtesy of the Michigan Science Center.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Charles Gibson and the Michigan Science Center’s Portable Star Lab


     What could be more interesting than looking at the majesty of the cosmos?  Looking at it within a miniature planetarium set up especially for Nerd Nite, courtesy of the Michigan Science Center.  10-15 minute presentation will be going throughout the night.   


Mysteries of the Cosmos


Cosmology is the study of the origin and fate of the universe.  I will describe our current understanding about our universe and uncover one of science’s biggest mysteries.  All this is simply illustrated on a table top.

David Cinabro is a Professor in Physics and Astronomy at Wayne State University.  He studies cosmology with exploding stars and the rare behavior of sub-atomic particles.



Time Travel on the Silver Screen

SCC_101_time_machine_bubble.jpg (1280×720)Presentation by Nathan Hughes (@ndh313).


His Name is NOT Doctor Who, Damnit!

1462965_10201386701246378_88329013_nJourney through time (and space) as we look at the phenomenon that is Doctor Who- his 12…er…13…er…13 and a half? incarnations, his enemies, his companions, and why you should love this show. 

Twitter: @malusman
Bio: Chris’ favorite type of travel is through time.

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