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Nerd Years Resolutions

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Detroit – Challenging the Narrative

Mary E. Byrnes, Ph.D., MUP     
Detroit     The focus will be on these three myths

1.  Detroit was doing fine until one day in 1967.  There was a big riot and everything fell apart. 

2.  Through actions, words, and policies, Detroit’s first African American mayor, Coleman Alexander Young, who took office in 1974,  created  the racial divisions in this region.

3.  Unemployment, poverty, crime, and vacant buildings all stem from character flaws in people, and, obviously, from the residents of Detroit.  This presentation not only interrogates and “busts” these three myths but also examines the implications to policy making.


Facebook – Institute for Detroit Studies
Marygrove College – Detroit Studies


Adam, Eve, Noah and Able
A Unified Musical Composition and Performance Device With Lots of Blinking Lights

Bubba Ayoub / Juggable Offense     
P1020960     A brief history and explanation of modular synthesizers, followed by a demonstration of Adam, Eve, Noah and Able, which are 4 of the major pieces of an analog and digital modular synthesizer used to make/destroy sounds that sometimes come out as the music heard here: www.soundcloud.com/juggableoffense
Facebook – JuggableOffense
Soundcloud – JuggableOffense

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